Island Savings Credit Union Community

We are strongly determined to the societies and communities where we deal with our business. We have achieved a long-term and permanent success for our members and communities because we are investing where we live in and our works promote social development.

We have a special program named Growing Island Families Together (GIFT) that is contributing to make up strong communities on the island and also support various local organizations contributing to improving the quality of parents’ life and children under them. Over 270 nonprofit groups have already taken over a million dollars of financial grants and assistance through GIFT.

Island Savings Credit Union Community

Initiatives taken by GIFT are:

  • Community and children health program
  • Learning and development for children
  • Services for low-income families
  • Programs for education, mentorship, and leadership

Online banking
Island Savings Credit Union online banking has easy access to dealing your banking. And it is committed to you and the communities for providing the best service of online banking like magic as you think and need.

Features include:

  • You can bank at any time
  • 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • You can pay bills and transfer funds immediately or post-dated
  • All activities of banking has easy access to view and download
  • Transfer funds by hyper wallet
  • You get notification by email and text options
  • Security options for personal codes

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Planning and advice

It is a full service of banking and financial institution. It has a team of experts who are ready to make plan and give advice for your maximum outputs.
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Various products and services

As a banking and financial organization there is a range of products and services for your best financial security, safety and development. Such as


  • Chequing accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • US accounts
  • Member services
  • Access your money
  • Electronic funds transfers

Loan or borrowing

We offer various competitive loans with flexible terms and conditions. You can choose a borrowing choice as your needs from the following loans:

  • Personal line of credits
  • Credit cards
  • Loan for personal use
  • Mortgage

On the top of that, your all types of loans are protected by creditors insurance. So you can make a brow with us without any hesitation.


We have a team of experts who always advise you how to make a good investment outside and in our bank and how it will be benefited for you. They are giving proper guidance in case of your investing. We have a range of investment options in our bank. Such as

  • Deposits for various terms: We have various term deposits, short-term, and long-term, from 30 days to 5 years.
  • Mutual Funds: In this case, investments are made in stocks and bonds. And mutual funds are very much popular items.
  • Registered education savings plan: It is basically for post-secondary education
  • Registered retirement savings plan: It is a govt. approved plan. It helps to save money for your retirement.
  • Registered retirement income fund
  • Registered disability savings plan


In island savings credit union insurance is a vital point. Since 1983 insurance has been working on protecting your valuable things and assets. Through insurance you will get:

  • Exact coverage of your loss because we know your sorrows
  • In case of you’re making a claim, we provide experienced and remarkable service.

Besides, you will get a great coverage at market competitive price with flexible payment options.

Now enjoy your island savings credit under island savings credit union. Because we have 24 hours activities on claim and we work immediately and emergently as you feel emergent.