How Credit Union Online Banking Has Revolutionized Banking Services

These days, technology has made things happen and since online banking got introduced slightly over a decade ago, it has changed the way in which people manage their finances. Credit union online banking gives you the freedom to make transactions in your account without being physically present in the banking hall. You can have fast and easy access to your finances from any personal computer you choose!

Credit union online banking offers access to services at no additional cost. With the electronic safeguards that come with it, it has become the preferred option for most credit union members. The service allows members accomplish tasks that can be done in the banking hall without leaving their homes or offices.

Here are a few of the tasks you can accomplish with credit union online banking

  • View account balances and transactions in real time
  • Pay individuals and companies with the web based Bill Pay feature
  • Move money between credit union accounts
  • Check your monthly statements
  • Establish balance alerts and a variety of accounts
  • Order checks, make and stop payments
  • Open credit union accounts and make a loan application
  • Make loan repayments.

Text and Email Alerts

You can actually know what’s happening in your bank account in real time when you set up balance triggers. Incase of debit or credit to your account, you will definitely be informed. You have the freedom to create customized email or text reminders that has up to 50 characters each.

Credit Union

But how has credit union online banking helped solve traditional banking problems? The 24/7 services means financial institutions don’t have to remain open to get transactions done. By logging into the financial institution’s website, you can actually get what you want. It has helped promote self service which was unheard of before in the financial sector.

You can easily order your monthly statements and get them transmitted online in real time. You don’t have to visit or call your branch. You just need to log in with your details and download a copy of your financial statement. And if you need your financial statement as a proof of income when seeking to rent a premise, there will be no need for you visiting your financial institution.

Credit union online banking has helped solve the problem of costs. There is no nee d for a financial institution to employ many staff. Moreover, it is one method that promotes high levels of efficiency. Since the banking is paperless, the amounts of clerical costs that are incurred are quite low.

Registering for the Online Banking Service

While this service is optional for credit union members, it is absolutely free! You need to get to your branch and provide the necessary documents when registering for the service. It is a one off process that will not take a lot of your time. After the registration, you can start moving funds, making online payments and accessing all transactions that take place in your account. This service has revolutionized banking services.Given the immense level of convenience offered by this online banking service, it has become the preferred choice for many.

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